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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Trip to Campbell's Covered Bridge

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I had fun at the bridge. It was very big and exciting to see. I have never seen this kind of bridge before. And it's really cool because it is just amazing to see one of these, in these days.

I love the bridge because it is kind of fun and it is a good thing for children to see.

I am glad that they saved it and try to keep it up. If we didn't have it, all the kids wouldn't know what the old bridges look like.

The roof is tin! You don't see alot of houses having tin roofs, or bridges. It was really cool because it kind of looked like a farm, because it was colored red.

There is a sign that shows you how the old bridges were made. There was a really cool wishing well, that in the old days, all the people had to get water from wishing wells.

I hope you all get to visit it one day. Sign my guest book and tell me what you think of my blog.

My mom found these directions:

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